Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pathfinder Tents

     Just threw a couple of tents together to stand in for the standard fill-it-in-yourself (which these still require) table tents for PFS (or most any FRPG) play.   I have a 33 page pdf file (3 tent faces to a page, top face is the same throughout) with 67 different looks.  Now, should I acknowledge that I'm not going to print out the full file for the upcoming convention – and not just because I don't want to drain the color from the printer – and that they are not going to replace the more basic tents that have been in service for over a decade?
     If you have never been to this blog before, I have a few previous posts on the table tent (The RGG Table Tent and Me, The RGG Table Tent at Work and Play, and The Non-RPG Table Tent), and am hoping that this will be my last regarding them in a long while.
This one was done specially for COWS conventions.  Hence the COWS logo and  dancing cows.  Also managed to throw a Pathfinder Society logo in there.
At no point does any of the text change (though I had to reposition it for a few of the ones I did).  Figured this does as good a job of advertising PFS play as the downloadable tents from Paizo.

I did one for each of the factions (secrecy be damned, I guess).  For some reason, when I look at a bunch of these one after another, they look like bank deposit forms to me.

The alternate version of the Osirion tent.  For some reason I really like this graphic more than the standard one.  My great thanks to whoever made it.

No, I can't think of a situation in PFS play where a PC is going to look like this.  But it is a cool looking picture and I wanted to use it.

Playing a pregen?  Or maybe you just really like the artwork for the iconics (they are recognizable enough that their images promote the game)?  Then have I got the table tent for you.

Another image that just screamed out to have a character made to match it.  If I were making this into a PC, it would have to be a Chelaxian (proto Hell Knight).

Along the same lines, this would be that Silver Crusade character I'm probably not going to make. I get a paladin vibe from this.

Maybe you have the mini that goes with this picture (I've seen it in play).  At least it shows that I made some tents for male PCs.

Ever wonder how all of the bad guys can immediately recognize your PC as a Pathfinder?  Maybe it is because you went and put a Wayfinder on your table tent.

Want a tent that you can color yourself?  Or maybe you just need something that says guy with a sword because you haven't fleshed out the rest of the concept.  Well, here you go.

What if your ninja is male?  Or you just want a more dynamic shot for a ninja-type character?  That is why I put this one together (on the same page with just the regular ninja).

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