Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Non-RPG Table Tent

     Really brief today. 
     I have put up a bunch of my table tents – and a few others – that are game related.  However, I have had occasion to have a table tent (a desk tent, if you will) for school.  I had a professor – for three classes – who had a devil of a time remembering names and asked everyone to put the tent out before them so she could better associate the name to the face.  By the time I actually made this one, it was somewhat unnecessary (there have to be people out there wondering if I ever had a teacher at any level who didn't quickly learn who I was), but not having one would have been quite conspicuous.  So this is what I made for that class.

     Yes, the picture is cropped from my sit down with Robert Englund, but it was the most up to date picture I had of myself at the time.  I guess if I had it to do over again, I would have added some other details, but I thought this got the point across.  Oddly, nobody ever called me Timothy.  Its written right on the tent.  It is how my name is listed on all my papers.  But people have no problem shortening it to Tim (which is fine), and it really is a special kind of pretentiousness to make people refer to me as Timothy (I'm not about to force the issue).
     So, there you go.  Pretty much the same layout I always use (picture on the left, text on the right, framed to take up one-third of the page – in this case the middle).  Yes, people did comment on me going through the trouble of making it (rather than just scrawling out my name on a folded piece of lined paper), but we had these things up for the first five weeks of class and I have to think that it couldn't hurt to put some effort into the project.
I just as easily could have done this one.  A little less stark, has some information (look, the forever plan finally meant graduating BUT I'm still taking classes), and an acknowledgement of the school.

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  1. This is really exciting!!! Thanks for the great post about table tents