About Timothy McNeil

     There is so much that I could write about myself – much of it either too self-involved or unimportant to be of any interest to the general populace – but I will try to be succinct here.  If you want the rest, you can undoubtedly find most of it in my posts, especially the ones that deal with my life and family.
     I was one of those people who are generally considered to have limitless potential but little focus.  What life has taught me – and most people get this lesson from their parents rather early in life – is that focus is insanely important.  I have not made much of the various opportunities life has put in my way; it would be false to characterize me as having sought them out.  The end result is that I am an intelligent person (I put no qualifications on that) with some rather severe issues who has taken to writing a regular blog.
     Why waste time doing this?  Well, I have more time on my hands than I would prefer.  The responsible thing to do would be to dedicate myself to volunteer work, but there are some issues with getting involved in that.  What I really want to do is get back into the swing of writing.  I have not been able to write consistently since the late 1990s, and having the blog with a self-imposed deadline seemed like a good idea.
     Yes, most of these posts are spur of the moment opinion pieces, spawned by seeing a movie or reading a book.  In that regard, it makes some of the fluff appear to be more meaningful; it isn't just a diversion, it is work for the blog.  Some of the posts are just postings of papers I wrote for school.  There is probably a score of reasons not to do that, but as the Pfiel paper draws the most attention to the site, I'm not in a hurry to take them down.
     I'm not young.  I have a lot of negative opinions and struggle to write critical praise.  I have an odd taste in books and movies.  Hopefully you can ignore all of the negative things that I bring to the table and appreciate the writing.