Friday, March 9, 2012

Knight and Day (2010)

    Knight and Day (2010)  is one of those movies that can be described rather easily, specifically that it has something missing.  Seriously.  There is a jump from a confrontation between Cameron Diaz's character, June, and Tom Cruise's Roy Miller, in Europe, and then suddenly, inexplicably, June is back home in suburban Boston leading her life.  What?  Something happened, right?  The characters act like something happened in the missing in-between, but what?
     Other than that, the film struggles to find a consistent tone.  Cruise clearly wants it to be tongue in cheek, but the action too often tries to abandon the campy feel.  And there is no reason, other than pure ridiculousness, why his super-duper secret agent would keep dragging the civilian woman along with him.  None.  Other than the fact that Diaz was contracted to be the film and they figured they should keep putting her in scenes since she was on-set.
     Yes, Knight and Day is bad, but mostly because it doesn't want to embrace the fact that it is having fun with how bad movies like these can be.  In that regard, nobody seemed to be in on the joke that I am positive was implied on the written page.  At some point, Cruise is going to have to admit that he can't handle an action film that demands he do most of his own stunts.  What will he do then?  I don't think he has much interest in acting that doesn't give him an opportunity to do stunt work, so expect more things like this and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) before he packs up his bags for good.

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