Thursday, June 7, 2012

Civ III - Just One Picture from the Test

     Just a screen grab from the current test.  As you can see, Pinscher is finishing up its Horse Racing Track, Monument City is producing a Factory (regular improvement that comes with the game), Pempek is close to finishing its Hockey Rink, and New Wolfe is pretty progressive with its soon-to-open Buddhist Temple.  The only unit added to the test are the improved Workers for Wraith (Wraith Engineers).  That is all of those guys standing around looking like regular Workers who figured out that nobody likes to wear overalls.

     The homeland for Wraith (though kind of the Hinterlands of it).  Lighthouse in Panakes, Opera House in Pyreses, Tennis Courts in Brooks and Noah Brandenburg, Golf Course in Katharine Isabelle (yes, named after the actress), Slaughter House in Borones, Synagogue in Monk, and a Golf Course in Moranthal.  Gormynn actually has the Waste Disposal Site (the scenario's version of a toxic waste pit). 

     Apparently people really want Buddhism (see the adviser).  Or see that Castle McNeil (the capital) is running away with a Culture score of 15,560.  It helps when the United Center, Stanley Cup, and the Olympics are all contributing.  Or just notice that it has more improvements in it than come with the regular game.

     And this is what I have been working on.  Stuff about a movie tomorrow.

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