Thursday, June 16, 2011

A lack of confidence

     Few things can sap your self-confidence as much as being told the position you have, the job you do and do quite well, no longer needs you.  Learning that you are replaceable isn't that bad; it can free you to pursue other, loftier goals.  But hearing that your hard work, your dedication, and your (perceived) excellence doesn't really matter to your now former employer.
     We don't want to be dismissed.  We don't want to be told, or shown, that those who are much less reliable, less competent, and less professional get to keep earning their paychecks while you have to go and search out a new source of income.  And it is the sting of this dismissal that leaves us weak, almost queasy as we step into whatever interviews come next.  When you go on an interview while still employed, you are filled with confidence and the knowledge that you are seeking a change for your benefit.  When you go in without a job, you are filled with a sense -- one that will not go away no matter how much you wish it -- that this potential employer may decide, like the one before it, that you are not worthy of consideration.  You may be judged as lacking no matter how well or over-qualified you are for a position.
     What makes it worse are that there are not an excess of positions out there for people to take.  The judgments that come now, while still as likely to be wrong as before 2008, can have the devastating effect of keeping you unemployed for an extended period of time.  Will you be willing to take a position that you know will frustrate you, hamper your search for better positions in the future, and that pays substantially less than you need simply because having an (immediate) income is imperative?
     What became of the Stormtroopers after the Empire fell?  It seems that having a gun and a good deal of civil unrest is good for the mercenary/thug market, but I wouldn't wish for that.  Here's hoping that things can turn around for this country, because killing off the job market is killing American confidence.

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