Saturday, June 25, 2011

Black Death (2010)

     Black Death (2010) is a mildly entertaining sword & blood, medieval-looking story for about an hour or so. Then the action stops cold and the audience is treated to some lengthy leaden dialog and torture. It closes with a disconnected voice-over (the VO is personal pet-peeve and I find that stronger writers/directors know how to avoid it). It does have some deft camera work and good choreography for an early fight scene. But the acting is uninspired and the pacing leaves much to be desired. The costumes, also, gave the feel of a project on the cheap (while the rest of the production felt like it was a mid-budget independent film). I have a feeling that this would have made for a better short story or novella. There are some attempts to be clever that come off as non-committal which probably would have worked better in print.

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