Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Civ III Update – Dragonrealm

     This is mostly just pictures.  But I thought I would give an idea as to what the units that will be in the game will look like.  None are really based on Knaak's setting, but I think most will end up working.  Except for the horse they have for Darkhorse.  That just doesn't look right (but how could it?).
     I made NONE of these.  I downloaded all of them from

The Skink Settler (Warhammer Fantasy...I think) serves as the Drake Settler.

The Skink Worker likewise stands in as the Minor Drake, which is Dragonrealm's replacement for the Worker.
Also stolen from Warhammer Frantasy, the Cold One Chariot stands in for the Drake Chariot, which replaces the Chariot.

Another Skink.  This one becomes the Drake Archer, replacing the Archer.  By this point you can tell that I am not particularly interested in original names.

Another Skink (they keep coming).  The Drake Spearman replaces the regular Spearman.  This is how it looks in Ancient Times.

After the Ancient Era, the Drake Spearman looks like this.

The above unit animated.  See him run, attack, attack again, fidget, roar in victory, and die.

This looks much better in game, but Dragonrealm can make a Dragonrider (if one can believe a dinosaur can stand-in for a dragon), and uses the Triceratops Rider unit.

Slightly more Dragonrider-y (though not an air unit in the game), the Dragonrider looks like this from the Medieval Era onward.

In the Ancient Era, the Drake Swordsman (actually a Sword Saurus) looks like this.

The Pike Saurus becomes the Drake Pikeman, which replaces Pikeman. 

The Red Duke replaces Medieval Infantry.

Maybe not as cool as the mace and chain wielding regular unit, but the Red Duke sells a little of the menace of a land dominated by magic-using dragons.

The Black Duke, if one ignores the gender inconsistency, makes a rather nasty Foot Knight for Dragonrealm.

The Rider from Zuu (a city-kingdom known for its excellent mounted warriors) replaces the regular Knight.  I used the Norman Knight for it.

A Skink on a dinosaur becomes the Dragon Knight.  There is a better unit to use, but it stands in for Cavalry.

A Skink with a musket (and a tiny skink) becomes the Drake Musketeer.

The Cold One Knight should have been the Dragon Knight, but it becomes the Drake Knight and replaces Cavalry.

The Blue Duke replaces the Marine.  Sure, charging up a beach against machinegun fire sure seems suicidal, but the Blue Dragon is the master of the Eastern Seas and his clan operates on both land and in the sea.

Sure, there is no Bone Dragon in the Dragonrealm, but the animation is just so cool.  The Bone Dragon is the Paratrooper for the Civ.

The Ghost Dragon serves as the animation for the Bone Dragon in the Modern Era.  It used to be used as something else, but then Tom2050 went and made more dragons available.

One of the newer dragons.  This Red Dragon is much better than the old  one (from the early 2000s).  It replaces the Tank.
This Black Dragon replaces the Main Battle Tank, the Cold War era Tank category that fills the void between the Tank and Modern Armor.  I wish he breathed poison gas, but I'm not going to argue with free.

Lord Ice, master of the Ice Dragon clan.  So, the Ice Dragon becomes the Modern Paratrooper.
The Gold Dragon will either be a King Unit (since the Dragonrealm is ruled by Emperor Gold) or their Special Forces unit.

The wholly unacceptable stand-in for Darkhorse.  But there isn't a lot of demand for the big, sleek, magical horse-like "demon" with blue eyes.  But it is a dark color and a horse, so it is the best I have.

Can't do the Dragonrealm without spellcasters.  This is the Mage, the weakest of the three stages of magic-users (equal to a Wizard).

This is used as The Lady of the Amber (Gwen Bedlam).  She becomes a class of spellcasters (the equivalent of the Archmage setting).

This Wheel of Time animation stands in for a Vraad, a race of all-powerful spellcasters.  Vraad are insanely powerful in the game; there is no range limitation on their bombardment and no other spellcasters match their might.  This is the best unit Dragonrealm receives, effectively making it their Unique Unit (UU).

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