Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm busy trying to get my Civ III game back together

     I was not really happy with my post for The Debt (2011).  It didn't get done when it should have and I didn't give it the time necessary to make it worth the delay.  And now I'm spending a bunch of time trying to get a game that took me seven years to be what I wanted it to be (before it was destroyed by somebody thinking that not saving the files he was instructed to save when the OS was changed on the computer) and don't have time to write a proper post.
     But Civ III is still cool.  Don't think that everything needs to be new.  Civ III rocks because it threw open the gates and let the community create material and give it away.  There was no need to charge for what people were willing to create.
     I am nowhere near having all of the units reacquired.  That is a monumental task.  Then sounds need to be added, and glitches caught and fixed (there are so many typos in the .ini files that it just hurts to try to fix them all at once).  I spent about four hours today just downloading Leader Heads and buildings.  Anyway, this is how I am wasting some time right now.
Yes, somebody made the Hall of Justice for Civ III.  I am going to use it for my Wraith Archives.
 There are also Blood Bowl arenas.  This is the Evil one.  But Blood Bowl arenas!

And, for some reason there is a statue for the Cthulu Wonder.  Make way for your own dark overlord.

I get to finally use an actual Wizard's Tower for the Wizard's Tower improvement I put in the game back in 2004. 

I haven't played a game with the Eiffel Tower as a Wonder since Civ II.  But I didn't have a Wonder Splash this cool to use.

And few things make me feel better than knowing that I will, eventually, be able to play Civ III again with the Super Veritech Fighter from Robotech as a buildable unit.

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