Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jenissa Halvarek (Pathfinder Character with Custome Sheet)

     So, this has a lot of empty space between this text and the images of the character sheet – complete with its mostly empty second page, one that would fill out with progression (and Class Features would have to move to the second page by 3rd level).  But it is a good indication of a few things.  First, I still attempt to pursue small bits of ownership; I want my character sheets, not the regular ones.  Second, I still make characters that are far from optimal.  Jenissa is part not quite Druid and part not quite Monk.  Also, I create an equal number of female characters as I do male (though I often have more fun playing the women).  This one in particular was inspired by trying to put together a background and motivation that could go with the cool art I found on-line.  No, I don't consider it theft (Jason Chan is the immensely talented force behind it, so all credit to him).  I should also give Paizo their due credit for Pathfinder and the myriad options for characters.

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